Here is a Collection of Linux Blogs That I Threw Together This Afternoon


Lost Packets

Netrunner MAG


Scott Linux

Tech Thoughts

David Revoy – 2D Artist

Libre Graphic World  

Planet Ubuntu

Animtim – Timothee Giet Weblog

Web Upd8

The Linux Report

Ramon Miranda

OMG! Ubuntu!


Apertus – Open Source Cinema

Tux Machines


LXer – Linux News

Linux Screw

Linux Tip – Ever forget to type SUDO?

Tux-G2Ever forget to use the SUDO command and end up with permission denied? Next time that happens simply type: SUDO !! (Yes put in the exclamation points)

It will grab the last command typed and automatically apply SUDO to it, so you don’t have to re-type it all.


apt-get update

permission denied


Sudo apt-get update